Stacey J. Hentschel is the founder of Quantum Integrations/Inner Wisdom. She is a coach, consultant, intuitive & healer, who has worked with thousands of people for over 25 years. She assists organizations, as well as couples and individuals, to open to higher states of awareness and the wisdom from within. She guides them to connect to their true nature, which reveals itself as flowing creativity, natural joy, inner strength, peace and wisdom.

In the organizational development arena, she works in the areas of designing learning & discovery organizations, creating shared vision & values, leadership, team building, sales & marketing, collaborative communication, issue resolution, system dynamics, and strategic planning.

In the personal development arena, she empowers people in the areas of centering & awareness training, operating in the �Zone,� creativity, productivity, vision & purpose, reflective relationships, resolving blocks, inner strength, intuition, and personal excellence.

Working nationally with business leaders, CEOs and executives, she merges concepts of quantum theory with leading edge business principles. She facilitates each person in the organization to collaboratively manage every aspect of the business as an integral part of a unified whole. This generates increased partnership, knowledge and solutions to crucial issues. The results lead to new levels of communication, innovation and productivity.

Stacey works with individuals and couples in developing higher aspects of awareness, truth and love. Individuals' natural gifts arise � a deeper presence of stillness and inner knowing reveals itself, opening to expanded levels of strength, power and wisdom. Couples begin to see what they have not seen before, and awaken to a higher truth. Thus deeper levels of listening, understanding, compassion and love unveil themselves to be naturally expressed.

As an intuitive healer she assists people in opening to their highest purpose, clearing blocks, and recognizing unconscious patterns. She works in the areas of circuitry alignment � accessing our soul blueprint, Deeksha � divine healing raising our consciousness, human design, and deep cellular healing work. She works holistically with the body, mind and spirit, which opens our inner wisdom creating expanded intuition, clearer purpose, greater abundance, nurturing relationships, and inner peace.

Blending higher principles of consciousness, she supports people to live from their vision by accessing their gifts through working with intuition, truth and compassion.

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